Contributors List



Homeless Youth Handbook Contributors List


We are deeply grateful for the support of the following volunteers from Texas AppleseedWeatherford International, and Baker & McKenzie LLP as well as the many public interest law experts, who made this Handbook possible.

Mohammad Alturk Greg Hancsh Mery Pimentel
Ann Badduor Emily Harbison Jackie Platt
Julie Baker Jessica Harris Brian Polley
Susan Bloom Meghan Hausler Laura Poskochil
Lindsay Wright Brett Steven Hill Rodney Read
Natasha Brockington Gwen Hulsey Mary Christine Reed
Sarah Bryant Jeffrey Johnson Natalie Regoli
Bonnie Buffaloe Kelli Johnson Eugenie Rogers
Brandon Caire Georgia Jolink Jonathan Rosamond
Jennifer Cannan Katherine Jordan Jason Scholtz
Paul Chappell Nicholas Kennedy Everett Saucedo
Kaitlyn Clifton Jonathan Lancton Kevin Schott
Brendan Cook Kelly Lawrence Ted Schweinfurth
Maria-Ximena Couret Brett Lohmeier Aaron Scow
Jacob Crumrine Patrick D. Lopez Keo Shaw
Jeff Curtis James Lucas Natalie Shehadeh
Vicky S. Dill Justin Marlles Rosa Shirley
Katherine Dugat Gabriella McDonald Madison Sloan
Emily Eby Mary Schmid Mergler Ross Staine
Louann Fang J. Brook Mestre Jeanne Stamp
Jonathan Farrokhnia Andy Miller Norm Sternfeld
April Ferrino Scurry Miller Maryam Tabatabai
John Flaim John Mitchel Jamie Tegeler-Sauer
Joseph Funston Nelson Mock Heath Trisdale
Leslie Gaines David Morris Wendy Varnell
Lisa Gates Jonathan Newton Angela Vigil
Christine Gendron Jack Nowicki Justin Welch
Courtney Giles Laura O’Rourke Erin Whelan
Kathryn Gonzalez Lara O’Tool Joy Williamson
Brooke Grange Jaclyn Pampel Nicholas Winowsky
Kristina Gritter Faviela Parilla Jennifer Wulf



















The art found in the Handbook & online was provided by Nancy West and Ramin Mandavi from Imagine Art and June Yan, Cathy Haynes, and Kevin Lane from Art from the Streets. Imagine Art offers specialized supports tailored to empower artists with disabilities to create art. Art from the Streets is a free and open studio that serves Austin’s homeless community. The art is licensed from the artists by Baker & McKenzie for use in the Homeless Youth Handbook in both hard copy and online. More information on the artists and their work can be found at Imagine Art ( and Art from the Streets (